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Discover Italian.
Wally Maria teaches Italian conversation and grammar at ABTech in Asheville and conducts several private and
semi-private classes from her home in Weaverville,
North Carolina
Wally Maria also teaches Italian cooking at
John C. Campbell Folk School , and has taught at
Seasonal School of Culinary Arts and
Blue Ridge Community College
Municipio di Pordenone
Pordenone City Hall
Pordenone in Friuli, Italy, where Wally Maria grew up
When you take a cooking class with Wally Maria,
you will learn how to prepare traditional Italian dishes, where to shop for the ingredients, how to combine courses for a delicious, well balanced, healthy Italian meal.
Wally Maria has an extensive vegetables-fruit-herb garden and grows many of the ingredients she uses in her cooking.
She grew up in the northern Italian region of Veneto and then Friuli where she learned in her grandmother's restaurant, and from her mother and aunts, how to prepare classic Italian dishes.  Over the years, Wally Maria has revised her family's traditional cooking and made it her own, displaying her passion for beautiful presentations and delicious taste
Each one of her classes is a complete meal. Students are invited to help in the preparation and cooking process if they desire. They are given a copy of all the recipes prepared in the class and are welcome to bring wine for all to enjoy with the meal, which will be served at the end.
Classes vary in length; in average last 4 hours.
Almond and pistachio tart
 Discover Italian  is a website intended for lovers of the language,
the culture, and the food of Italy. Here you will find tips, ideas, and recipes, and, if you want to enroll in one of her workshops, see the upcoming classes schedule.
Wally Maria offers classes in Italian language and Italian cooking.  She teaches Italian Conversation and Grammar classes at
ABTech in Asheville, North Carolina, and also private and semi private classes from her home. She has taught both Italian cooking and Italian language for several years at
Blue Ridge Community College in Flat Rock, North Carolina. Occasionally she conducts classes in the summer at
Seasonal School of Culinary Arts with local and national chefs, and week-long classes in the summer and winter at
If you plan a vacation or business trip to Italy, she can help you
feel more at home there.  Or maybe you just always loved Italy and finally have the opportunity to study the language and the culture. It will surprise you how quickly you will be ready to read Italian and have simple conversations with the natives!
And if your interest is cooking, register in one of her workshops
and discover how diverse, healthy, modern, and totally delicious Italian cuisine is, so.......... go ahead, live Italian!