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Wally Maria was born in Belluno, Italy, but as a child, with her family, moved to Pordenone, North of Venice, in the Italian region of Friuli.
Her grandparents owned and operated a restaurant-hotel where she used to spend her vacations. She learned from her grandmother and aunts traditional dishes that later she revised and applied in her own cooking and in her classes.
She met and married Leo, a native North Carolinian and they have been living in this state for over 20 years, the last eleven in Weaverville, NC
Wally Maria enjoys cooking, gardening, crafting, and her perfect job: teaching language and cooking where she gets to meet all kinds of wonderful and interesting people.

A little Italy in Little Weaverville

WNC  Magazine

Hi all,
I just had to write to tell you that I made Paul dinner two nights ago
and he thinks I need to make more trips to NC. I made the pasta, the
pork loin and apple strudel. My strudel wasn't as good as Wally's
because with my fingernails I couldn't stretch the dough as large, but
once I file them down I'm going to try again.
The pasta and pork were incredible! Paul was close to lapsing into a
coma from the sheer joy of it, since he's been getting Weight Watcher's
food for over a year. He was one happy camper! I made the pork in my
big iron skillet and it was the best pork loin I've ever made. The only
changes I made to the recipes was that I used grape tomatoes in the
pasta and added walnuts to the strudel. Otherwise I followed the recipes
to the letter and everything was delicious. Dad, could you please tell
Wally thanks for sharing her wonderful recipes and I'm ready to come
back for another lesson? :-)
I echo Diane's sentiments. Every time I make the pasta dish, which I'm sure
will become a staple in our house, I will think about our class together and
how much fun it was. I don't think Wally has any idea how many memories she
helped us create that day.
We had a wonderful time at your beautiful home and can't thank you enough for the evening of enjoyment. We have mixed emotions about holding you over beyond the expected three hours - sorry to have held you over but thrilled with your company and hospitality. We are discussing another occasion which will bring us to your place again and all were in favor so don't be surprised to hear from us again.
The event was above and beyond what we had expected. It was a professional affair, well choreographed and enjoyed by all eight of us.
John and Sandy Mason
• "Italy, its language, culture and cuisine, has always been most interesting to me. I began taking private Italian lessons from Wally Wyatt 18 months ago. Prior to an Italian journey I studied with Wally and then spent 10 weeks at a language school in Italy. Since my return last March I have continued my regular lessons with Wally at her home. Besides being fluent in English she is a natural and dedicated teacher. In addition to learning proper Italian grammar and conversation I really enjoy our discussions about Italian culture. Nothing compares to learning Italian with Wally. An additional pleasure to my lessons is being the recipient of her delicious Italian cuisine. She is a wonderful cook! "
Richard R. Oldham M.D. Hendersonville, NC
• "I have studied several foreign languages, both in the United States and in Europe, and Ms. Wyatt easily ranks among the top five percent of the many foreign language teachers, both native and non-native, with whom I have studied. Her excellent teaching skills enable her to share the unique insights and understanding that stem from her own experiences in learning English as a foreign language. She shows genuine concern for the students and makes learning Italian thoroughly enjoyable."
Jim Bohan, Hendersonville NC HTC
• Wally Wyatt is an amazing person. She is a quick learner, an effective manager, and a reliable leader. She is a sensitive teacher and an accomplished linguist (English as well as Italian). What’s more, she is a fabulous cook and an all-around pleasing personality. In all of her areas of expertise, she is primarily self taught.. Wally is fun to be around – everyone loves her.
Lee Stinnett, retired executive director, American Society of Newspaper Editors
• I have been studying Italian with Wally for about 3 years. Her classes are a low pressure and fun way to learn true Italian On my last trip, my Italian friends told me that I speak much better I can also understand more of what they are saying. I would recommend her for anyone who wants to learn how to communicate in Italian.
Steve DeBerry Asheville, NC
• Wally Wyatt is a great teacher. Although learning to speak Italian is hard, it is also a lot of fun as she deftly steers my class through the intricacies of grammar and vocabulary and idioms. As a bonus, she is an excellent and creative cook, seamstress and gardener and a loyal and caring friend. She is molto simpatica!
Elaine, Asheville, NC
• "My name is Erica Barsalini, I'm from Brazil and I met Wally at AbTech in Italian classes. I liked so much her classes that I started a course at her home and we always had lots of fun with the best expresso caffe. Wally is a great teacher, friend, cook, mother, wife, she's a person that I want be her friend forever! I wish Wally all the best!"
• I've been studying with Wally for almost two years, first at AB Tech in Asheville and now with a small group in her home. She's an excellent teacher, very patient, and provides challenging material in addition to the textbook assignments. It's a great advantage to be able to study with an Italian native so that I hear Italian spoken as if I were in Italy. Since studying with Wally, I'm much more comfortable using Italian when I go to Italy.
Joanita M. Nellenbach
• For more than three years I was an Italian language student in Wally Wyatt’s class at Blue Ridge Community College. My experience there was every bit as enjoyable as it was invaluable. Having been born in Italy and lived there until her marriage, she brings authentic knowledge of the language, the nation’s culture, and of its cuisine. By nature Mrs. Wyatt is kind, sensitive and considerate, making for a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to students venturing into expressing themselves in a strange language without fear of embarrassing criticism. I feel confident that all my classmates would join with me in resuming further Italian language study if Mrs.Wyatt were again to become available here.
Robert J. Demartini
• I have now been studying Italian language with Wally for three years and continue to look forward to class each week. Wally's fun disposition and patience enables all students to loosen up, learn, and make friends with one another.
Diedra Case
• My time in Italy has been so enriched by having studied with Wally. She
makes every language class so lively and her knowledge of Italian cuisine
has inspired my cooking and enlightned my travels.
C. T.

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