Best Italian Dishes 2017
Best Italian Dishes workshops include some of the best traditional, regional and seasonal dishes in the Italian cuisine.The emphasis is on Northern Italian cooking, especially dishes from Friuli, Veneto, Trentino but also from Tuscany, Liguria and Sardinia where Wally Maria's mother was born
All classes include at least 4 dishes (a full meal) and a sit-down lunch afterward.
The cost is $50 per person and it includes a garden tour where, when possible, we gather some of the herbs, fruits and vegetables used, a 3-31/2 hour class, all ingredients, a sit-down lunch and the written recipes.
Wine is not included but you are welcome to bring some to share with all if you wish.
Classes are hands-on but if you prefer you may also sit back and enjoy the company
An average class is 6 people with a maximum of 9
Classes are held at Wally Maria's home in Weaverville, NC
This year I am posting only one cooking class but it's a special one:
​freshly picked tomatoes from my garden, meat sauce (bolognese as you call it, ragu' as I call it, my mother's recipe) freshly made tagliatelle, spring mix salad with grapes, pancetta and cheese crisps. As always we'll have a leisure sit-down lunch after which we'll sample some of my last concotions in liqueur making. You also will be able to take home an about quart size jar of the finished sauce.

​Although this is the only cooking class I am posting this year you can also contact me about private classes

S aturday July 22, 10:00-2:00                   ​  Class is full

Garden tour and gathering of ingredients
​Meat sauce (ragu')
​Home-made tagliatelle
Spring mix salad with grapes, pancetta and Frico crisps

$50 per person, all included, plus a jar of the finished sauce to take home (bring a quart-sized jar)
​you are welcome to bring wine if you wish
Or you may pay with a check if you prefer;
call 828-658-8928
or email  for additional details or directions